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Want to find best restaurants around you?
You got it!!
Want to find menus, deals, specials?
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Want to be rewarded and earn extra cash?
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Marvolez got that for you!!


Marvolez is a free mobile application that helps users find and research restaurants around them in a fun and intuitive way. Instead of tapping on a screen, just point your camera around you and see what restaurants are nearby. Marvolez is a simple platform which provides an effortless means for discovery while giving you pleasure of simplicity.


Once you download and open the application, simply sign-up in the home screen. Upon completing the sign-up, you are automatically led to the restaurant finder screen. On the top of that screen, you are provided two modes “Swipe” and “Motion”
       “Swipe Mode” allows the user to swipe the deck of billboards that display the restaurants around ones’ area. This mode also provides the relative direction of the restaurant to ones’ location via the compass like feature.
        “Motion Mode” allows the user to see the available restaurants their area by just pointing at a particular direction. In bothmodes, the user will have the power to see the real-time distance to a particular location, the ability to make a call and get direction right on the application.


A great perk offered by Marvolez is its unique Cash Rewards! As a registered user, you can earn cash from participating partners. All you should do is look for "$" sign on the app for the restaurant. If the user proceeds to the vicinity of the participating restaurant which has “$” icon and posts on social media using Marvolez hashtag, VOILA! Cash will be credited to the users digital wallet. * You can only see the "$" on the app if you are in the close range of that restaurant.


To cash out the earned rewards, simply add your banking details in the provided profile page. A minimum of $10 should be accumulated to redeem the rewards. You can cash out only if a minimum of $10 is earned.





Marvolez is a service offered by Stellosphere Inc. Our Mission is to empower local businesses through individuals. Our goal is to stand as a market leader in creating the BEST market exposure for businesses to thrive in this competitive market via social media.

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Get More Market Exposure

In the world of digital marketing, Marvolez’s unique peer to peer incentive program is a perfect harmony between the business and customer.This will provide unprecedented market exposure and bring customers to your door steps!

Free Services

Marvolez is essentially a free platform. You can register your business, upload menus, specials, or deals with ease. We also offer paid services such as UCR (Unique Cash Rewards). UCR is an exciting concept! By enabling UCR, we strongly believe your restaurant's name, deals and specials will reach to wide range of customers.
UCR is simply an effective method to attract and encourage users to share your business marketing information on Social Media. By engaging Marvolez, it is a win-win for all the parties involved. Through UCR our partners will be able to incentivize patrons to spread the word about deals, discounts, specials of the day in your restaurants via socials media platforms, all while gaining hundreds of views by their trusted friends- not through some meaning-less banner ads. Marvolez is set to create market exposure that counts!

Sign Up

Simple, all you have to do is download the Marvolez Client app from the AppStore. App provides step by step guide to help you register. Here is the link for the app. At Marvolez, we believe customers should be suitably rewarded for loyalty. When the customers are rewarded, businesses will benefit. Marvolez took its shape with this idea. At Marvolez, we connect you with your customers into a symbiotic relationship.

We built Marvolez for you, come and experience it...

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